Why an Australian Boomerang Is Still the Best

When shopping for the perfect boomerang, why is it that the Australian boomerang is so often recommended and praised over all others? Sure, it is widely believed that the boomerang in general has its roots in ancient Australian history. But why is the country of origin for a contemporary boomerang so important? Is the product really superior when it is manufactured Down Under? There are many reasons why people so often search for a boomerang specifically made in Australia. Below are a few of the top reasons why the Aussie version tops them all.

The Australian Boomerang: A Long History

The earliest boomerangs in human history seem to have been carved out of crude wood by Australian Aborigines tens of thousands of years ago. The wooden throwing stick was often used as a weapon or hunting tool, used to hit small animals in order to make them easier to catch. The earliest versions of the throwing stick weren’t in the traditional winged shape, known for having the perfect balance for return and lift. Versions of the throwing stick have been found in the remnants of ancient cultures all across the world, from Europe to beneath an Egyptian pyramid in King Tutankhamen’s 3,000-year-old tomb. However, it is later boomerangs found in Australia that have the most in common with the current boomerang model.

While it is unclear how the faultless aerodynamic shape came to be, it is certain from the discovery of various models that the current shape was perfected over many years. The Australian boomerang has been worked to perfection for thousands of years, and it is this historical legacy that explains why Oz is the number one source for boomerangs.

An Australian Sporting Device

Australia holds multiple boomerang-related competitions every year. Each competition is designed to determine the best of the best in the sport of boomeranging. Competitors are tested in every aspect of boomeranging: accuracy, endurance, fast catch, long-distance, and even juggling. Competitive boomerang throwers are serious about having the top-quality boomerangs. Therefore it’s no surprise that Australian boomerang makers do their best to ensure that the quality of each boomerang they make is superior to that offered by any other source.

Hunting in Australia

Just like the earliest Australians did, many people today use traditional boomerangs as a hunting tool. Hunters utilize both new and old boomeranging techniques in the hunt. Primitive hunters used the throwing stick to hit small animals in order to slow them down so they could catch them more easily. Today, some hunters use that technique, while others use the boomerang to bring their prey out into the open. Bird hunters throw the boomerang into trees and pick off birds as they fly out into the open sky.

Australian Artists: Contemporary and Historical Designs

Many ancient boomerangs have been found with intricate, beautiful designs carved or painted into them. These boomerangs survived thousands of years, and now many of them sit in museums to be enjoyed by people all over the globe. Currently, Australian artists are creating modern versions of these, producing both functional and non-functional artistic boomerangs that are perfect for either play or collecting.

No matter what you want it for, there are plenty of reasons why the Australian boomerang cannot be beat.